About Us

Two Four One was created by two friends, each leaders in their field. They realized that combining their talents would be incredible for their clients… so they started dreaming and building and doing. 

Specialists in design and communication Laura and Vicki are acutely aware that reputations outlive logos.

Their passion is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs like you, to share your message with the world and get paid well for what you do. Their mission is to help get you marketing and branding like a pro, and get you the results you desire.

Meet Vicki… The Communicator. Her game plan is to help you shift the hearts and minds of your audience (customers).

‚ÄčAs a former TV reporter, producer, writer, event marketing specialist and communications strategist, she's always discovering a new adventure.

Meet Laura… The Designer. Graphic designer by trade and artist by heart. Her passion manifests in her powerful and successful campaigns and her talent has helped Bermuda's best publishers and brands - The Bermudian Magazine, Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bermuda Business Development Agency and the Regulatory Authority.

‚ÄčAs an amazing mum, mentor and artist who also happens to love yoga, Laura can always find the right balance. 


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