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15-minutes at a time

Two marketing specialists in your back pocket to guide, inspire and support you as your business grows. 

Book your personalised coaching sessions whenever you need, all included for one low price. We're there when you need it.

You're given 'homework' after every session that you must complete before you can book your next session.
This keeps you moving forward.

One action at a time

When you focus on one thing and do it well, you are unstoppable.

Laura & Vicki work with you in 15-minute power sessions, two-on-one.

You'll focus on one issue at a time, overcome one challenge at a time, solving problems to get results.

You'll complete action items, then book your next session to move you ahead, all  to your own timeline.

Be consistent

Marketing is like a muscle, getting great results requires consistent practice.

Consistency is often the hardest thing to maintain.
Power coaching with Laura & Vicki gets you there faster and stronger; we're in your corner as often as you want.

Invest in yourself and your business for 2021 with Level-Up Power Coaching and open the door to more progress, new opportunities and living your best life!

Risk-free guarantee

If you choose not to continue after your introductory power coaching session (30 minutes), we'll issue you a full refund.

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Meet your coaches...

Laura Ann Bell, a top graphic designer and Vicki Abraham, a communications specialist, joined forces in 2019 to create Two Four One, a top-shelf marketing and branding agency focused on strategy, identity design and PR.  

Laura has worked with some of Bermuda’s biggest brands including the Bermuda Business Development Agency, Bermuda Tourism Authority, the Regulatory Authority and the World Triathlon Bermuda. Vicki has led communications and marketing teams in the non-profit sector, as well as in the corporate arena in the UK Channel Islands, South Africa and Australia. With a recent focus on international sporting events, Vicki was Communications and Marketing Director for America’s Cup Bermuda and the ITU World Triathlon Series in Bermuda.

Two Four One facilitates online marketing training; Level-Up Your Marketing and The Level-Up League, a marketing club for entrepreneurs to level-up their marketing game.

Their weekly international radio show on IBGR Network, ‘Level-Up Your Marketing with Vicki & Laura’ is also available as a podcast on all the popular podcasting apps including Siri and Alexa.

"I want to thank you guys because one thing is now leading to another in our organisation and that really came from a mindset shift that you helped me with. I’m realising the value of collaboration and who to partner with, and it has turned into a really great opportunity for us. I really, really appreciate that. It's a major win for us.”

Executive Director, Latisha Lister-Burgess.
Employee Assistance Programme, Bermuda

Level-Up Power Coaching
with Laura & Vicki

Unlimited number of 15-minute power sessions for one low price. Laser-focused coaching and actionable steps to advance your business.

Be unstoppable with your Level-Up coaches always in your corner.

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