Resilient Entrepreneurs Book Club

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Who has time to read?!

That's exactly what we thought, yet there are some great business books we've been promising ourselves for too long now!

So we thought again! What if we form a book club that meets monthly? That'll help us to prioritise some reading! We all gain by prioritising the benefits of a good read (or audio book)... just a little each day! 


So... you're invited to join us.

We've formed the Resilient Entrepreneurs Book Club and here's how it works.

  1. Sign up by clicking the orange button below.
  2. Find the book of the month - it's available from our Resources page if you don't already own it, or borrow it from the library!
  3. Read it and enjoy the insights.
  4. Join the free group call at the end of each month (1-hour online). Share and listen in to the highlights and actionable takeaways to adopt in your business.

You'll be meeting with other interesting business minds and who knows, you just might meet new friends and get some networking in.


Imagine what could change in your business when you read (or listen to) one impactful business book every month.