58: Empowered StarBoss Founder & Author, Livia Jenvey: Your Inner Guidance Knows

Season #3

In this episode, we have Livia Jenvey, a distinguished entrepreneur, business coach, and the author of Soul Compass: A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Navigating Past Self-Doubt and Fear, released on September 14, 2023.

Early in her entrepreneurial journey, Livia realised the significance of trusting her inner guide, a piece of advice she wishes she'd received sooner. Her experience revealed that external influences and self-doubt could often lead entrepreneurs astray, making it crucial to stay connected to that inner compass.

We are reminded that our inner guide is what originally propelled us into entrepreneurship. Starting each day with purposeful intentions and a focus on mindset, beliefs, and values is highlighted as a key practice within our control. Livia draws attention to the fact that neglecting self-care can have a detrimental impact on one's business and passion for entrepreneurship.

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