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Every successful brand starts with a well-executed launch.

When you’re starting a new business or launching a new service what’s right or wrong? What should you do when?  As a small business owner you're juggling it all! 

Bookkeeping, supply chain, advertising, hiring contractors… and when you think about your website - LinkedIn - Instagram - email list - WhatsApp it all blurs into one big headache or heartache. 

We get it!

That's why we've pulled our years of big brand experience into a trusted methodology that we guide you through, to keep life easy, and business fun!

"Working with Laura & Vicki on our Strategic Launch Plan cut through the overwhelm and saved us from missed opportunities. Clients are now connecting with us and new partners are approaching us to collaborate."

If you want your business to thrive and be well known, where people you meet already know about you… read on.

If you want to wake up in the morning excited about the new leads coming in… 

If you’re ready to launch a campaign, a new business or new service, and want specialists by your side who’ve done this for years with a proven methodology… you’re with the right team.

Are you... 

Feeling out of your comfort zone? 

Not sure where to start? 

Fearing failure?

With your Strategic Launch Plan you get...

Two marketing experts on your team

A clear path to your new clients

A boost in your profile and profits!

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Here's what's in a Strategic Launch Plan. 

With Two Four One’s Strategic Launch Plan you'll be up like a rocket! 

You’ll have certainty. You'll get clarity. You'll know what to do when and why. You'll  follow the success formula of the big brands - there's  a reason why they do it this way!

We work with clients who make their community a better place; they believe in making life easier, happier or healthier for the people they serve. They do what they love and love what they do.

If we’re working with you, you can be sure that we believe in you too. We put our heart and soul into making sure your launch is powerful and effective.

Please note - this is not for you if... 

  • You think there’s a magic pill to get your marketing done for you, 
  • You’re looking to hack 'the system' and get results with no effort from you, 
  • Your business is a hobby and you don't want to drive a healthy profit,
  • You don’t care if your launch is done well, just as long as it gets done.

Here’s how it works:



  • We guide you through key strategic marketing questions.
  • We work with you to define your positioning statement and target audience - who benefits from your service most and how will you reach them? Have you considered your customer's experience, and more.
  • We map out your customised launch plan and schedule so you know exactly what needs to be done by when to hit your target launch date with ease. It’s a bit like planning a wedding! 


  • Are your website and social media platforms ready for the world to see?
  • Is your content and graphic design ready to go?
  • We work with you to develop your creative campaign to get people talking about your new service.
  • We write your press release, help you line up media interviews, train you on talking points to get the most from media opportunities.
  • We fully prepare you for the most exciting (otherwise nerve-wracking) ride!

3, 2, 1 LAUNCH!

  • All the trigger points are ready and in place → let’s get the party started! 
  • We’re your ‘in-house’ boost team for the week - call on us for anything you need.
  • We monitor and measure your launch success and finesse it to the best outcomes. During launch, small adjustments can have a big impact!
  • We provide support, feedback, coaching and experienced PR support, so that you can enjoy the excitement every step of the way.


  • You’re in a high momentum state and you’re riding the wave. You’re busy onboarding new clients, talking with prospects and you’re firing on all cylinders. 
  • Keep building on that energy and success with the social media templates and marketing training we provide.
  • We'll continue regular meetings with you to assess progress; we’re your sounding board for new questions that arise. We’ll help you smooth out your process as and where you need. 
  • We’re here for you for 2 weeks after launch; email or WhatsApp whenever you need.

You'll be guided through all four stages of the process for only $10,497. 

or if you want more clarity and confidence about your brand before you launch, ask us about a Brand Strategy Audit for just $3,500.

This 8-week Strategic Launch Plan takes you from zero to hero with confidence, offers guidance and gets you new happy customers, partners, sales leads and recognition in less time than you ever thought possible.

Let's get started!

You can never start anything soon enough. If you're launching your new service or business in 3 to 12 months, now is the time to plan your launch.

Connect with us to discuss what your Strategic Launch Plan could look like, why you need one and whether we’re a fit to work together.

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Cecilia 'Cesa' Edwards
President, Soft Landing Relocation

“Two Four One is someone who will basically ‘hold your hand’ during the most challenging time of your business, setting up your important business for SUCCESS!”