67: Equestrian Entrepreneur Zachary Leyden: Leadership and Horsemanship

Season #3

Zachary Leyden is our special guest on Episode 67 - he gives credit to what horses taught him, for saving his life. Coming out of active military duty was really hard and it came with emotional turmoil. Horses healed that for Zach and he has made it possible for other returning servicemen to have that too.

Zach shares with us his passion, his ideas, his story of growing from a ‘cowboy’ to a millionaire businessman.

He shares the value of Leadership Through Horsemanship - and would he be an entrepreneur if he didn’t have a story about how he faked it 'til he made it!

Zach’s personality is contagious, you’ll want to listen in to him and we’re certain you’ll leave a little richer for it!