68: TRIInternational Inc CEO: Megan Gluth-Bohan, Your Business is YOU!

Season #3

Megan Gluth Bohan is our guest for Episode 68 of Resilient Entrepreneurs.

CEO & Owner of North America’s largest women-led chemical company, Meg is charismatic, refreshingly open and honest, and on this episode she shares her personal and professional experiences that led her to being so authentic in business.

“You might not like me, you might not agree with me, but you will know exactly who I am and where I'm coming from and I think that’s a key part of my success, it’s a foundational principle.”

Meg shares deeply personal life events and how she reacted; the things she learned from addiction recovery and how that has helped her in business. She shares insights on why she hires women in a male-dominated industry and how for her, work-life balance means being present.

In her own words, she’s been fixated from an early age on the need to solve problems - her “there has to be a better way” mindset is her driver.

Lean in to this down-to-earth conversation with Megan about resilience, authenticity, and success.