70: Cush Digital Founder, Aziz Musa: War Zones vs Comfort Zones

Season #3

Welcome to another episode of Resilient Entrepreneurs! This week we have a truly extraordinary guest, Aziz Musa, who describes in detail what it was like to escape a war zone in Sudan in this past year, and what he’s learned from it.

Aziz was already very successful, being the first ever Sudanese public company CEO in all of Europe at a young age, and went on to build the largest digital marketing agency in the region, with clients around the globe, from Australia to Cambodia and Singapore to the US and also training 4000+ people in marketing in Sudan so they can feed their families and thrive. 

Particular points of interest in this episode include:

  • Islamic Marketing Principles - ethical standards that lead to success
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  • Mandatory Failure and how that leads to success
  • Thoughts on your comfort zone - Aziz challenges the status quo

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