71: Self-Made at 37, Max Lewis: Who is Max Lewis?

Season #3

Welcome to another episode of Resilient Entrepreneurs! 

In today's insightful conversation, we dive into the extraordinary journey of Max Lewis, a self-made multi-millionaire at just 37 years old. Max started his empire by selling propane gas tanks, and now, he shares his growing pains and valuable lessons with aspiring entrepreneurs. 

In this conversation Max unfolds many layers of entrepreneurial wisdom and offers practical advice for our listeners.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect in this episode:


  • Humble Beginnings and Celebrating Wins
  • Discover why this multi-millionaire stayed living in his $107,000 house for years.
  • Choose Your Cheerleaders
  • He shares a fun phone exercise to notice who your supporters actually are.
  • Navigate Negativity Without Losing Friends
  • Tips on how to avoid negativity without sacrificing close relationships.
  • The Power of Mental Roleplay
  • The Secret to Getting What You Want in Negotiations
  • Lessons Learned About Selling on Price vs Value
  • Doing vs. 'Being' Resilient


Tune in to this episode for a candid and enlightening conversation with Max Lewis. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, Max's experiences and insights will inspire and guide you on the road to resilience and success. Turn up the volume and enjoy this journey!


Link to Max’s book: Who is Max Lewis? 


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