75: Abingdon Watch Co-Founder, Abingdon Mullin: Niche and Grow

Season #4

Welcome to Season 4's kickoff of the Resilient Entrepreneurs Podcast! We sit down with the dynamic Abingdon Mullin, founder and CEO of Abingdon Co., a pioneering watch brand designed specifically for 'women who do more'.

Born in England and raised in California, Abingdon's passion for aviation ignited at a young age, leading her to pursue her pilot certificate by the age of 22, with an impressive 4,000 flight hours under her belt.

As she prepares to ink a tattoo symbolizing resilience, Abingdon reminds us that in life, like in flight, flexibility and adaptation are key.

Learn how she's breaking barriers in the watch industry and empowering women through her brand and the Abingdon Foundation.