80: Advocate, Lawyer, Mom- Amanda Baron: The Bullied Kid, Turned State Prosecutor

Season #4

In this episode, Amanda Baron-Frank, shares openly about being bullied at school for her weight and how that eventually led her to become a NY State Prosecutor. Her story is riveting and emotional - she offers hope and practical guidance to parents who struggle with these issues today.

Her story of resilience goes on to being featured in People Magazine and other mainstream media, talking about bullying.

Now a managing partner of her family law firm, she shares how she established an anti-bullying school program as a young law student. Amanda is a mom who believes in work-life balance and being there for her kids.
We talk about the potential legal pitfalls of starting a business and and what to look out for.


  • Bullying can inspire advocacy.
  • Mental health and work-life balance are vital for success.
  • Authenticity, diligence, and ethics build strong business relationships