81: Leadership/Lifestyle Coach & Corporate Trainer, Jessica Lightbourne: Thrive, Survive or Die

Season #4

In this episode, Jessica Lightbourne, a loving leader and extraordinary coach, shares her journey and insights on coaching, imagination, and resilience. Growing up in Bermuda, Jessica had a magical childhood filled with creativity and imagination. She emphasises the power of imagination in shaping our thoughts and reality. Jessica also discusses the importance of community and intentional spaces for personal growth and support. She shares her own tools for resilience, including journaling, movement, and spirituality. Jessica's why is to help others thrive and create a better world, and she encourages everyone to focus on thriving in life.


  • Imagination is a powerful tool that can create anxiety or passion and wonder.
  • Community is vital for resilience and well-being.
  • Being intentional about the community you surround yourself with is important for growth and support.
  • Finding your why and focusing on thriving can lead to a more fulfilling and resilient life.