82: Psychologist & Author Dr. Marie-Hélène (MH) Pelletier: Plan for Resilience

Season #4

In this episode of Resilient Entrepreneurs, psychologist Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier, takes us through a live example of how to develop resilience - with Laura as her client!

Her book The Resilience Plan is full of easy-to-implement techniques to prevent burnout and to create resilience in the workplace - for yourself and your team.

It's a fascinating conversation - and be ready to pause and rewind with the great value MH offers as we chat.

We touch on the unexpected and underreported lingering impact of the pandemic on mental health, globally and how to avoid the everyday traps - how you can stay mentally healthy.

* Pandemic has heightened mental health discussions, particularly among entrepreneurs prone to burnout.
* How to prioritise self-care and recognise signs of burnout early.
* Why exercise and journaling develop resilience.
* Leaders can develop resilient teams by first modelling it.