Do you wish you had someone to navigating the tricky waters of entrepreneurship with?

You don't have to go it alone. 

Picture yourself in a trusted community of business owners who are walking the same path, they understand the journey, the struggles, and the sweet victories that come with running your own business.  


We are the sum of the five people we spend most time with - choose wisely.

The Level-Up League

A community of small business entrepreneurs with big ideas, small budgets and a hunger to do 'business for good'.

Now is the best time ever to be in business for yourself - let's do it right.

Increase your marketing confidence, use technology to your advantage, and develop life-long connections. You've got this!


Gwendolyn de la Chevotiere Creary

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, The Parent Guide

"This has been very beneficial for me in giving me insight and a little more comfort; I'm more comfortable thinking about marketing and what I'm supposed to say, because I think that was probably the biggest hurdle for me, until now."

Jodi Virgil

Founder, Organized Solutions Bermuda

"I would absolutely recommend small business owners, who wish to invest in themselves, to join the Level Up League!  You'll gain a network of essential support and access to cutting-edge learning opportunities, to grow your business!" 

Jennifer Lang

Owner, WeeThrive

"The benefits of Level Up League are immense! The support I have received from Vicki and Laura continues to be invaluable, not to mention the support from the community of fellow leaguers, mental AND practical. This is what entrepreneurship is about right here."


Group consultation with marketing specialists.

Entrepreneurial support

Guest Experts, Authors & Speakers

Real-time, relevant advice on marketing and brand strategy, public relations, communications, and design.


Local & international opportunities

Online networking and collaboration

Accountability & Motivation -> Progress

A vibrant community of small business entrepreneurs celebrating their impact in the world through their business


Fun monthly challenges

Resilient Entrepreneurs Book Club

Recordings of workshops & feature guest interviews 

Private resource portal with downloadable guides and templates

Supportive real-time group chat

Over $6,000 value!

When you join the League you'll access all live sessions and dozens of recorded marketing resources in your Community Portal.
Most of all you'll be with welcoming, uplifting peers.  


Group Marketing Consultation $2,247

Live Q&A with Entrepreneurial Guest Speakers $1,197

Monthly Marketing Challenges $997

Real-time group chat support $997

Resource Library stacked with recordings, workshops and more  $997


Launch and grow your business with the right professional support.

Just $49 USD/month


  • Marketing & business support at your fingertips - for less than a coffee a day!
  • Set your marketing rhythm to make it easy and fun
  • Build your courage on the inside to thrive on the outside
  • Be part of the Resilient Entrepreneurs Book Club
  • Every month celebrate your milestones and wins with the group! 

Where might you be a year from now, without this? 
This small investment will have a big impact.

Membership is now closed - jump on the wait list for next time!

Giles Belfrage

CEO, Accountancy Tamer

"I benefit from the wisdom of my fellow members as well as Laura & Vicki, the Two Four One partners. They also put on topical presentations. I’m pleased to be a member."