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Magnetic social media for your business

We get it!

You should be posting to social media more often but don't know what to say. You want a strong brand presence on social channels but really don't have the time.

What should you post when?  As a small business owner you're juggling it all and social media feels like the least of your priorities! 

That's why we've developed a repeatable system that gets your social media done for you with much less of your time and effort - and zero frustration.

After all life should be easy, and business fun!

A done-for-you social media service with scroll stopping campaigns to draw in new clients!

You wish you could reach new customers using social media.

You want your social platforms to reflect your expertise and experience.

You want to generate more leads for your business.

Read on...

Do you believe that social media is...

Too time-consuming

Doesn't work

Not your wheelhouse

What if you had...

A simple to use system that takes only 2 hours a month

Never-ending engagement, growth & results

A team of social media specialists working for you

Interested? Let's chat.

If you like the idea of quality, on-brand, scroll-stopping monthly social media that's affordable and done for you, let's chat.

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Here's how the Social Level-Up system works

Set up!

We always start with strategy. Together we'll clearly define what you want to achieve and identify some milestones that are important to you.

We'll dig deep to learn about your business, brand and clients and to align with the way you work best. 


This 3-Step Strategy gets us closer to your business so we can walk in the shoes of your ideal clients, giving them more of what they want from you.

Your current practice on social media will be assessed for what works and what doesn't.

We'll fine tune your profile so your business is even more attractive and relatable to your audience.

Be magnetic!

This is the really fun part where we get to work, brainstorming your scroll-stopping campaigns to create a buzz in your world!

This high level future-focused planning sets the path for campaigns that are consistently fresh and engaging, to draw your clients to you with minimum effort.

Repeatable Monthly System

Only 2 hours of your time.

You send us highlights that you want to include each month - special promotions, celebrations, and any photos and files - we turn it into a month of engaging, branded social posts.

You see and approve everything before it's scheduled for publication, with time for edits if needed.

We stay in touch throughout the process to be sure we're aligned and attracting your ideal clients.

You share your highlights.

We create your campaign.

  • At the start of each month you'll tell us what promotions, events or activities you're planning in your business.  
  • We work with you to brainstorm your monthly campaign.
  • We map out your customised social media campaign with images, captions and (CTAs) Calls To Action, ready for you to approve.

You approve it.

We schedule it.

  • We need you to review and approve the posts before they're published to your social media platforms. (This is part of the deal and is part of your 2 hours per month!) 
  • We need you to be happy with your posts and ready for us to share it with your world. If you need any edits, we'll get them done and back to you pronto.
  • You approve it, we schedule it for the month. Behind the scenes we call this batch production and it means you're always ahead of the game.

Assess & Adjust

  • There is always a purpose to any good marketing activity - also true for social media. It's important to monitor the results of our efforts and to fine tune for best outcomes. Small adjustments can have a big impact!
  • You'll receive feedback every month on the performance of your campaign.

An impactful brand!

We work with clients who make their community a better place; they believe in making life easier, happier or healthier for the people they serve. They do what they love and love what they do. If we’re working with you, we believe in you too.

We put our heart and soul into making sure your brand presence is impactful.

Social Level-Up is a B1G1 Business for Good and every month that you work we us, we contribute one month of vocational training to women in the Philippines. We all live and work together in this big-small world and our actions can have a lasting impact for women in our wider community.

Social Level-Up is only USD $1,500/month. 

Your first month involves the 3-Step Strategy.

Every month from there your business benefits, using the system to produce quality, on-brand, scroll-stopping social media, that's done for you with only 2-hours of your time each month!

Yes! Sign me up to Social Level-Up!

Please note - this is not for you if... 

  • You want to do nothing with your social media and never want to be involved, 
  • You’re looking to 'hack the system', beat algorithms and outsmart the tech, 
  • Your business is a hobby and you're not interested in driving a healthy profit,
  • You won’t free up 2 hours each month to focus on your social media.

Social Level-Up will give you confidence, new happy customers, partners, sales leads and brand recognition that's magnetic!

Let's get started!

You can never start anything soon enough.

Every month that passes without Social Level-Up is another month of potential clients not knowing about your business. 

If you know you're ready for more leads, greater market reach, a faster sales cycle and a buzz in the market about your services, you're ready for Social Level-Up.

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Peter Backeberg
Co-founder, Shooter and Scribe Productions

Working with Vicki and Laura, there is always a free flow of ideas and a respect for what each of us brings to the table. It’s just nice to work with people who know what they’re doing and are committed to the end product.