Are Your Social Accounts Secure?

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It’s a fact: Social media has been crazy recently. Between global blackouts and hackings, there have been a lot of frustrations related to technology in the past few days.

In the midst of all of this activity, you may start wondering if your own accounts are safe.  Would someone be able to hack into your accounts and delete everything you have?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question for most people is, yes, they could.

So what can be done to make sure that all of your accounts are secure and safe from unwanted activity?

Here are three tips that can make your security stronger:

  • Make sure you have two-factor authentication turned on for all of your accounts. This means that if anyone tries to login to your account on an unrecognised device, they will have to enter a security code sent via text to your mobile. It is just an added level of protection that will deter most hackers. 


  • Do not use the same password for all of your accounts. We know, it can be tempting to use the same password for everything so you don’t forget it, but it’s a sure-fire recipe for getting all of your accounts hacked. The mild inconvenience of remembering different passwords is actually protecting you and all of your social media accounts. You can also use an online password manager like Norton, Roboform or 1Password to help keep your passwords secure and easily accessible across all your devices.


  • Never reveal your password to any online source. There are lots of sites that may ask for your password, but these sites are not to be trusted. Giving your password to anyone that you do not know is a very easy way for hackers to gain access to your account. Also double check before resetting your password from a link allegedly from Facebook. It could be a hack to collect password info. If it seems suspicious, it probably is! 

If you follow these steps, your accounts will be much safer from hacking. With so many stories of people who have been hacked, it is only wise to make your accounts as safe as you can and protect against the same kind of unwanted activity.

For more information on how to make your accounts secure, we found this article on, a resource that we love to browse: 

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