You’re launching a new business, what's your brand plan?

If you're launching a new business we suspect you’ve been thinking about this and testing different aspects of your business idea for months—if not years. It’s your baby and you want the very best for her. You’ve defended the business plan to financiers, you’ve spent countless hours researching and preparing and you’re ready to launch.

So what’s your plan?

If you’re anything like the startups we’ve helped, you probably have visions of your logo on a corporate fleet, on billboards or splashed all over social media. You’re designing your corporate t-shirts and deciding which gadgets you want to brand as giveaways. Maybe you’re inviting friends to a launch party.

Stick with us, we want you to hear (read) this first. Your launch plan is just as important as your operating plan and it must be adequately funded. Consider these 3 things for a fail-proof business launch.


First impressions count. If you...

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