You hate your logo and I know why.

You have a logo. Maybe it was designed 5 years ago or maybe it was designed just a few weeks ago. Regardless, you hate it.

But you aren’t quite sure why you hate it. (I know why!)

I imagine the conversation between you and your graphic designer went something like this:

Graphic designer: “Hey, how can I help?”

You: “I need a logo ASAP! I want it to be serious but not stuffy, I kinda like the colour purple and here's the name of my business…”

Graphic designer:” Cool. I can work with that. Ummm... Give me a couple of weeks.”

A couple of weeks go by. Finally, the graphic designer delivers you six well-designed but wildly different logos to choose from. Immediately “analysis paralysis” kicks in and you start to lose sleep trying to decide between them all… weeks have already gone by, your business is ready to be marketed and you're at urgency stage. (Sounding familiar yet?)

Reluctantly (and without any clear reason...

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