The Power of Collaboration

You're sitting on a great business idea, but you don't want to tell anyone in case they run off and do it themselves. It’s a very real concern of many entrepreneurs and start-ups. Well, we encourage you to think again, to take your chances and share your idea with someone who could really help you get that puppy off the ground!

It’s our view that great success comes from collaboration and our story is testament that there is power in collaboration. 

First things first, our international virtual marketing agency is called Two Four One for a reason. Two of us, Vicki and Laura x 2 = Four. We figured that by working together we each doubled our impact, creativity and effectiveness; that’s what collaboration does. Far more powerful than two people working independently. We have shared values and shared goals, a common target of a brilliant outcome for our clients, One at a time.

Anyhoo, enough about us! Just suffice to say, a team is stronger than individuals.


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