Our Thoughts on Thought Leadership

You've heard people called a thought leader. But have you ever considered that you might be one?

A thought leader is a subject matter expert who generously shares their unique ideas and their viewpoint in their particular niche. You don't need to have an original concept, but the way you share it is unique and it helps your audience understand because they haven't heard it explained that way before.

As entrepreneurs, we create new things all the time, while often they're updated versions of an older idea.

To simplify it, thought leadership is a Content Marketing strategy, and you can use it to build your business over time. It’s the person behind the brand that matters—people connect with other people, not nameless businesses. Thought leadership includes personal brand building through an ongoing process of educating and building trust with your audience by sharing high quality content. It has to be researched, it has to be understood via a different perspective and it...

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5 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement in 20 Minutes or Less

At Two Four One Branding we love quick habits that make our life easier so we’re sharing this quick and easy checklist with you, so you too can be marketing and branding like a pro.

  1. Post to one of your business social media platforms.

  2. Respond to direct messages (DM) or Private Messages (PM) you’ve received on all your platforms – DMs/PMs should be treated like email with a prompt response.

  3. Respond to comments on your page/s – a ‘thanks’, a ‘glad you like it, we love these too’ or a simple emoji to every comment is great relationship builder (just like small talk at a party, you have to start somewhere).

  4. Like and comment on 2 other people/business accounts where there’s a post relevant to your business; it grows your exposure and brand awareness (remember to comment as your Business account).

  5. Be the person you want to attract! Act the way you want others to act on your page. Social media is a 2-way street. You want...

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