Launch time checklist for new business owners

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Are you launching a new business or growing your audience? As marketing and branding specialists, we have successfully launched hundreds of new ideas into the market. We have decided to summarise all of our launching lessons into this handy checklist. Mark it off and your launch will be even more successful than you imagined – no matter what you’re selling!

Months before the actual launch:

  • Plan your launch date and timeline. This could be a single day or a period of 3-15 days. Make sure you factor in current events, seasonal holidays, market cycles and your competitors' marketing timeline while deciding this.
  • Beta test your idea – you could do this by distributing free samples, offering free trials or giving early access to loyal customers.
  • Collect and action beta customer feedback to further improve the product.
  • Start organising the resources, technology and person power that you will need so you can keep up with the anticipated customer demand during the launch.
  • Start creating content for the lead up to your launch. This includes promotional videos, photos, ad copy, social media content and email campaigns. 

Weeks before you launch:

  • Begin your pre-launch marketing campaign. Start talking about the upcoming event, some brands like to publish behind-the-scenes posts and create a buzz around your brand.
  • Start building up your email lists and internally promote your ‘new thing’ to your existing customer base.
  • Identify which marketing channels you want to tap into during the launch, for example print media, flyers or posters, video advertising, and social media - customise the content and schedule it.
  • Have a contingency plan in your back pocket in case things don’t quite go as expected.

The big reveal - launch week!

  • Single in on your brand messaging. Don’t confuse your audience by talking about other things, even if it seems related. Keep your communications relevant to the launch.
  • Send regular reminders to your existing customers and mailing list, about the launch events or promotions you have planned.
  • Ensure prompt customer delivery. Your aim is to maximise positive feedback, word of mouth reach and organic growth during your launch.
  • Plan ahead for what resources you’ll need after the launch, to meet your new customer demand.

That’s it! Follow these steps and you'll fast-track your success!

For help with launching a new service to market or to get advice about your launch plan, tap here to get in touch with Vicki & Laura of Two Four One here.  We're always happy to help!

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